ItalDax BV


As you have been aware, on November 6th 2018, the court of Midden-Nederland, location Utrecht, issued the bankruptcy order for the private limited company ItalDax B.V. (also known as: “Chateau d’Ax”).
The bankruptcy trustee is overwhelmed with e-mails of customers. These customers can be brought into categories here with after. Each category refers to an e-mail address to which you can address yourself to. Due to that reason, the bankruptcy trustee will address customers to this announcement as the bankruptcy trustee can’t be at service in a different way. The bankruptcy trustee requests you not to call or e-mail to the office any more, because we can’t help you in other ways than mentioned bellow. We hope for your understanding and that you are able to help yourself with this announcement.

The sale that is organized from the stores of Chateau d’Ax

As you might been aware, there is a sale in some stores of ItalDax on some days. This sale is organized by a third party which isn’t the bankrupt company/bankruptcy trustee. The sale is carried out outside of the bankruptcy trustee and he hasn’t got anything to do with this sale. The bankruptcy trustee doesn’t have any obligations in respect with the sale and furniture that is bought during the sale. You can send an e-mail to with queries about the sale and furniture purchased during the sale.

Orders that are delivered

The orders have been acquired by Chateau d’Ax Belgium/Cemepro, which delivers (a part of) the orders at their own expense en risk. Queries regarding to these orders can be addressed to Also, queries regarding to the delivered orders can be addressed to this e-mail address (after providing the delivery form of Chateau d’Ax Belgium).

Purchased showroom models

The following applies to any query regarding to placed orders/deposits regarding showroom models which aren’t purchased during the sale. Customers can address themselves to CBW with a claim under the deposit arrangement, as it is certain that showroom models, which are previously bought in the stores, will not be delivered, nor will there be a refund, as well as the order portfolio will not be solved. The bankruptcy trustee himself is not involved with the CBW recognized procedure. In that respect, he isn’t able to answer any questions. We refer to the information that can be found on the CBW recognized website about bankruptcies ( If you can’t find the answer to your question on that website, you can use the recognized e-mail address of CBW: (or use the contact form on the website).


The bankruptcy trustee notices that cancellation of the agreement results into not being able to claim under the CBW-guarantee. A deposit (if relevant) shall be placed on the list of provisionally approved claims. This means that you won’t receive your deposit back from the bankrupt company, as there are insufficient funds in the estate of the bankruptcy to pay the unsecured creditors. This won’t change to our expectation. In that case, customers can consider to claim under the CBW-guarantee.

Placed orders that aren’t delivered (yet), which aren’t showroom models

Regarding to your question whether your order (that isn’t a showroom model) will be delivered, you can address yourself to Chateau d’Ax Belgium/Cemepro through e-mail address Chateau d’Ax Belgium/Cemepro have acquired the orders. Chateau d’Ax Belgium/Cemepro is currently delivering these orders. Once that order arrives at transport company RMT in the Netherlands, the customer will be called to make an appointment.


If you have a certificate for the ‘All in house’-guarantee, you can address yourself to You can also contact Allinhouse on workdays from 9:00 hour – 17:00 hour. Telephone number: +31(0)553575411.

If you don’t have certificate, but you do have ordered the ‘All in house’-guarantee and you do have the delivery form in the name of Chateau d’Ax Belgium/Cemepro, then you can contact Cemepro through regarding your question.

If you don’t have a certificate for the ‘All in house’-guarantee and a delivery form in the name of Chateau d’Ax Belgium/Cemepro, as well as it states the bank account number of ItalDax B.V., than unfortunately we have to inform you that regarding to service complaints there is no arrangement to be met in respect with the delivered furniture by the bankrupt company. In case of factory-product guarantee, you can address yourself to